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Hollywood built crab-steer hydraulic dolly




Roundy Round.  Two adjustable height seats, electric pump, bladder accumulator, manual pump, hydraulic lift and down, 3 way leveling head, \  side boards, low front board.  $ 18,000



Cranes and Dollies  


TechnoCrane 20

20-Foot Technocrane Arm with auto-leveling head
Base and Column
(2) Outrigger Bar
Weight Carriage
Telescope Electronics Box
Leveling Electronics Box
Counterweights w/Trolley
Telescope Link Cable
Telescope Control Cable
Telescope Rack Control Cable
Leveling Loom w/Loom Holders
Tacho Link Cable
Remote Head NOT INCLUDED in price


This Techno Crane is $ 58,000

Available with a Powerpod Classic and Preston Ftz+1 unit.






Panther Foxy crane model 4


$ 29,000






  Javelin by Egripment


This crane has a trailer available












 Egripment crane with remote head





Piccolo Camera Crane Two seats, lead weights, single seat adapter, pneumatic and studio wheels, riser. $ 8,300.


USA Track is available at $ 250 per 8' section

















  Tulip Crane, no extension 







1- Mammoth Base w/leveling jacks
2- 2- Spare wheel w/hub
1- 4’ Pyramid Base
1- Central Pivot
2- 2-Crane Seats
3- Assorted seat risers and extensions
1- Bazooka Riser
1- Panther Mitchell Combo Adapter
1- Set of track wheels 4 ea.
1- Outrigger #1 Remote 11’
1- Outrigger #2 Remote 11’
1- Outrigger #3 Remote 11’
1- Outrigger #4 Stainless steel 5’
1- Outrigger #5 Stainless steel
1- Outrigger #6 Stainless steel
1- Outrigger #7 Stainless steel 2.5‘
2- Steering Handles
1- Remote Head Adapter
1- Camera Riding Platform
1- Weight Bucket Large
64- Counterweights
1- Adjustable Counterweight
1-Quarter Weights
1-Half Weight
All the assorted leveling & balancing rods
3-Screw Tie-Downs for dovetails
6-Quick release pins w/bag
4-Pushbar extenders
1-Dovetail Adapter


$ 17,000



Panther dolly & jib







PowerPod Analogue Classic.  2 X wheels, cables, Custom bracket, control box, case.







Available with a Preston three motor kit for an additional $ 16,500


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