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16mm lenses

Canon 7-63mm in PL mount.  $ 6,500


Zeiss Prime and Zoom lenses



  Zeiss MK II 9.5mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm & 50mm in PL mount.          

an 8mm Illumina is also available




Century/Canon 2000  150-600mm T 6.7 in PL mount, support with "D" ring, Eccentric, filters, case.  This is a true zoom lens, not a variable telephoto.         $ 13,200.  These are around $ 23,000 new



Zeiss 11-110 super 16mm lens in PL mount.  Super 16mm lens (2K digital, covers 3K from 30mm-110mm)


New Lens Testing Projectors in PL $ 6,800

Lens projector with 16mm-2.35retical (target). The target is designed with digital in mind.

Base unit in universal mount. You can then add the PL, BNCR or Oct 19 lens mount. 110-220 volt, 50-60 Htz. High speed fan. Hook for tape measure.

Test the tracking on zoom lenses *** evaluate sharpness *** test back focus Know exactly what condition your lenses are in when you shoot or rent them out.

NEW 110 and 220 volt 50 and 60 Htz.

Mounts available

4700016 BNCR Mount 4700013 Sony 1/2" Lens Projector Mount
4700012 Sony B4 projector mount for 2/3" lenses Standard and HD
4700014 PL mount for projectors
4700015 Panavision Mount
4700017 Nikon Mount
4700018 Canon EF or FD
4700019 Leica M or R
4700010 C Mount


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